“I am not as fine as I seem.”


In the tradition of cliche blog post introductions, that was a line from the song “Migraine” by the band twenty | one | pilots. It suits this post because it embodies all those feelings that I’ve been pushing down lately.

Whenever a classmate asks me for help regarding academics, like if there’s a problem that is unclear to them or a concept that they don’t quite understand, I always get the feeling that they expect me to be able to explain everything. ” You’re a Director’s Lister, you’ll have no trouble explaining this to me,” or “You’re a smart guy, could you show me how this is solved?” I’m under a lot of pressure because of those kinds of things.

I am not always that quick to comprehend something. I do not always have a grasp on what the professor is saying. I can’t always be the one to be depended on to “carry” the group during projects or reports.

I have problems, issues and insecurities as well. I can’t always know the answers to all those questions.

Please. I also need the occasional break.


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