Thank you.


Di pa ako talaga tapos sa year na ‘to kasi may paper pa akong isusubmit on Monday pero bahala na hahahaha
Freshman year was, simply put, amazing in spite of the mountain of requirements that I had to get through (which I’m still actually going through because EnLit is all-consuming) and a lot of people need to be thanked for making it the way that it is.
First of all, to my high school batchmates (13est woohoo) salamat kasi friendships were not lost, and even deepened kahit na college na tayo.
To Sir Nori and Sir Maki, mga Fil prof ko, salamat sa pagpapalalim sa kaalaman ko hindi lamang tungkol sa pop culture at panitikan kung hindi pati na rin sa mundong ginagalawan ko, at sa pagtulong sa kin na makahanap ng paraan para mapabuti to.
To Ma’am Diaz, thank you for teaching me how to endure countless papers, readings and quizzes, all of them unthinkably difficult, and for indirectly (maybe even directly) teaching me how to push on and hope against all hope (this is you, En101 portfolio).
To Block J, for being my first family in Ateneo. I’m still looking forward to more good times with you guys, lalo na since magkakaroon na tayo ng majors next year.
To WriterSkill (and WriterSkill CB 2013-14) thank you for being my second family in Ateneo. You took me in and made me feel loved, and I found a real home in this org.
And lastly, to M04 2013-2014. You guys have made all the difference in this year. We suffered together, and we all got through (will get through) this together, victorious. The play that we staged just hours earlier is enough proof for that. You guys have made waiting in Bel for 2 hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so worth it. The friendships I’ve forged in this class will be forever, I know it. And I know this isn’t goodbye since we’ll all be seeing each other again soon, very soon. Thank you for the two semesters that we’ve been together.

Sorry kung cheesy, but I just had to let this out. Just, thank you all so much. Cheers.


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