I make music. I think.


(This is the latest song that I’ve made, listen to it if you have time. It’s a really chill track, and I hope you find it to be chill. You can find the rest of my uploaded songs on that SoundCloud account.)

I’ve had Ableton Live on my laptop for a while now (a little over a year if I remember correctly), but I’ve only started taking it seriously for the past few months. It all properly started one late afternoon while I was in a relative’s condo near the Mall of Asia with my mom and our maid, waiting for my aunt and cousin to arrive. It was the weekend, and we were planning to throw a little surprise birthday celebration for my other cousin, who was in MOA going to a music festival or something (it was Jacko Wacko, I think?).

Anyway, we’ve been holed up in this condo since the morning, and I was bored. We still had until around midnight because the music festival ended at around that time, so I had a lot of free time to myself. The internet connection there was horrible, but I had my laptop with me because I had a paper due that next Monday and I’d barely started on it. I was feeling lazy because it was a long day, and by the time it was 5pm I already had two pages written, so I thought I’d watch a movie. After that was done (I watched Predestination which is AMAZING by the way), I was still bored, with no stable internet connection so I couldn’t browse Reddit or Facebook properly. I also didn’t want to watch another movie or do my paper.

Out of my boredom, I decided to open up Ableton Live 9. Prior to this I’ve had multiple attempts at making tracks, but all of those were terrible. I took a crack at making a drum beat that wasn’t bad, and voila, a few hours later I had an inkling of a track with a rhythm section that did not totally suck. I kept on working on it, and after a few weeks, I had a “complete” song on my hands. Great!

Soon after finishing that, I had some friends listen to my song, and to my surprise, they actually liked it. One of my friends told me that this track had vibes that were similar to CRWN, who was and still is one of my favorite producers. This made me really motivated to pursue this, so I did my research on Ableton Live – the technicalities, how to manipulate sound, effects, arrangement, sampling music – all of those, and to this day I’m still learning.

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’d like to think that I’m on the right track. My friend and I are regularly collaborating, and we’re planning to release an EP soon (tentative titles are “Run QMC” or “The HamKok Project”). I try to put in some time every day to make music, and I’m currently working on this EP which to be frank, I don’t quite understand. It’s something like “ambientcore” according to my friend who’s heard one of the songs which I plan to re-release as part of it, but judging from the rest of the EP, I don’t think that’ll be sufficient. Then again, I still believe that genre isn’t as important as the music itself, so whatevs.

So yeah. Check out my stuff if you’re interested, and thank you for reading this. You’re great for staying this long.


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